Vincent Alo

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Vincent Alo

Date of Birth- May 26th, 1904
Located- New York, New York
Worked For- Genovese
Date of Death- March 9th, 2001

Vincent “Jimmy Blue Eyes” Alo was born on May 26th, 1904; as a young boy, he lived in either Harlem or on the Lower East Side of New York. At age 14, Alo began to work on Wall Street. Despite his promising beginnings, a young Vincent soon turned to crime. As the godson of Carlo Gambino, and close friend of Gambino’s son Thomas, he seemed destined to join the life of crime. He was convicted of armed robbery in his younger years, spending some time in a state prison (whether Sing Sing or Dannemora is unknown).

Alo became a Made Man of Joseph “Joe the Boss” Masseria’s New York family in 1926. He was named a caporegime of an old crew that was once run by Joe Adonis. This gave him the position, and power, to oversee some of the family’s Brooklyn speakeasies, clubs, and gambling rings. Often said to be intelligent and charming, among other things, Vincent was liked and respected by many of his associates. After a few years, in 1929, Charles Luciano, a lieutenant for Masseria, introduced Alo to Meyer Lansky. This was the beginning of a very long and profitable relationship for both. Lansky was a friend of Luciano’s, a huge money-maker for the crew, and they requested that Alo be his personal guard.

What wasn’t told to Lansky, is that Luciano wanted Alo to keep an eye on the man as well. Through their time together the two introverted men who had wishes of becoming legitimate businessmen became fast friends.

A short time after their meeting, the two decided to try a joint business venture, setting up a casino in the town of Hallandale, Florida. When they first arrived in the Sunshine State, they immediately began to donate large contributions to local fraternal organizations, as well as starting to secretly bribe politicians and local law enforcement. It was no surprise that when their casino, the Plantation, first opened, it was met with absolutely no opposition. Business was good to Alo, as well as to Lansky, and with their profit from the Plantation they opened a second Hallandale casino, the Colonial Inn.

Things went smoothly until 1947; Alo had no resistance from the government, nor the public, until the town’s economy began to take it’s own path. Illegal gambling, once not a problem, soon became an embarrassing part of the community that needed to be covered up. With no choice, Alo and Lansky closed the two casinos. Their dreams were not shattered, and they began to plan for future ventures together. Setting their sights to Las Vegas, Alo partnered with Lansky and Moe Dalitz on the hotel and casino owned by Wilbur Clark, the Desert Inn.

However, another rough patch was ahead for Vincent. He was convicted of obstructing justice in the year 1970. U.S. District Attorney for the Southern District of New York Robert M. Morgenthau, is on record as having stated that Alo was “one of the most significant organized crime figures in the United States. He is closely associated with Meyer Lansky of Miami, who is at the apex of organized crime”. Shortly after this conviction, Alo retired and passed over his crew to Matthew Ianniello.

His good friend Meyer Lansky passed away in 1985, but Alo continued to participate heavily in the running of The Desert Inn. Wilbur Clark often introduced him as his Uncle, “Gumba”, or protector, helping to arrange certain benefits for businesses within Las Vegas. Vincent eventually made his way back to Florida, passing away on March 9th, 2001 of natural causes at age 96. His remains currently reside in Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx, New York.